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The pricing dilemma



The pricing dilemma

Here's an initial test for the pricing application.

Disclaimer: with this algorithm we don’t want to give an exact pricing but rather an ideal price range based on the data that we have collected from various reliable sources and our experience in the market.


Mat is a Graphic designer with 2 years of experience, a friend asked Mat to create a brand for a beverage company. How much shall Mat charge for the project? After some research and thoughts on the project, Mat got an introductory email with some more data from the company.



Experience [2-3] - Mat experience

Hours [32-48] - Mat estimates to dedicate 4-6 full days on the project.

Complexity [Low] - Mat considers the job not too complicated as he has already done something similar, but the client is keen to have a first draft in only a few days.

Company Size [Small] - the company is a small but well known company

Nº of revisions [2] - They agreed in having only 2 final revisions.

Making the Math for Mat

Lower (16000÷21÷8=95HK$/H) (Higher 20000÷21÷8=119HK$/H)

Total h rate (L): 32*95= 3047total h rate (H): 48*119= 5714

Total rate (L): 3047*(1.2+1.2+1)= $10.362

Total rate (H): 5714*(1.2+1.2+1)= $19.429

So Mat could charge a fee that ranges between $10.362 - $19.429 fro this simple project.

Not all creative fields are treated equally 
For instance product design has a more equitable approach to pricing. A good product designer could easily make a very decent leaving even out of one single creation.




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