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Finding New Clients



As a designer, your job is to help people succeed in business—that’s your expertise.

In order for people to understand this, you have to market yourself to your best advantage. It may seem daunting to find new clients, and you have probably asked yourself this question before: Where do I start? Finding new clients is hard work and could mean rejection, but with every approach you will gain experience. Here are a few tips to get you started:


1. Get an Online Presence 

We are in the digital age where social media is everything. Showcase your work with posts and blog entries through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, 

Instagram, and any other social media platforms. You can also take advantage of professional portfolio sites (such as or set up your own website. So if you have not done so already, take advantage of the number of tools available for you, such as Squarespace, WordPress or Drupal, to showcase your work!   


2. Word of Mouth 

We know that setting up an online presence is important, but don’t forget about human interaction. To keep in touch with your previous clients, it would be a good idea to set up a coffee session and make sure you’re on good terms. Also, be sure to consider the power of client recommendations. Usually client referrals lead to long lasting relationships, so treat every job as a future opportunity. Furthermore, just like you can build a presence online, you can define and manage what people will say about you in person; think of three key words you’d like to be associated with. Another idea is to establish a referral policy, offering a set percentage for every referral that results in a job.


3. Promote Yourself 

Promoting yourself well allows you to show off your abilities and services. You could mail out your business card, collateral and promotional items that display your scope of business and your top three unique selling points. Remember to end with a formal request or a call-­‐to-­‐action for the potential client.  


4. Be Proactive and Network 

Seriously get out of your shy zone and go to functions, design events, trade fairs, gallery openings, and design competitions. These places are filled with opportunities. You may not find a potential client at every function but at least you will be making an impression, getting to know people, and connecting with new people. Connection is everything today so remember to carry your business card and have your résumé ready!  

It’s like dating—you are more likely to go out with a friend of a friend.
— Professor Chris Yin


找尋新的客戶對於很多設計師來說是有一定的難度,除了因為很多人都不知到應該如何開始,亦要面對被拒絕的問題。但整個過程會讓你更瞭解情況及 積經驗。以下一些提示可以令你更容易地開始:

為了有效地推廣自己的專長,作為設計師的我們需要懂得包裝和推銷自己去告訴身邊的人,我們的責任是利用作為設計師能力去改善顧客生意上的收益。找尋新的客戶對於很多設計師來說是有一定的難度,除了因為很多人都不知到應該如何開始,亦要面對被拒絕的問題。但整個過程會讓你更瞭解情況及 積經驗。以下一些提示可以令你更容易地開始:


1. 善用網上媒體

 在這個資訊發達的時代,互聯網就是一切。我們可以有效地利用 LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook等社交媒體去推廣自己的作品,更可以利用網上作品集例如behance.com或製作個人網頁。即使你對網頁製作並不瞭解,亦可以嘗試單網站如 Squarespace.


2. 善用人際關係



3. 推銷自己



4. 主動建立人際網絡