The XXII Century Designer


I'm the XXII century designer here 10 things you should know about me:

  1. I'm an avid, avid listener, and I believe most of the solutions lay within the problem; 
  2. I’m a very collaborative creature; 
  3. I deeply appreciate constructive criticism; 
  4. But I hate ignorance and arrogance;
  5. I'm aware and conscious of cultural sensitivity; 
  6. To me design is never arbitrary;
  7. I always balance design decisions and business directions;
  8. I try to polarize people by being caring and anticipating others needs;
  9. I never take anything for granted, and I learn something new in every project;
  10. I strive to bring valuable solutions, and excel in my craft.

The Beauty of Complexity / Obligation to Simplicity

The Beauty of Complexity

I find it puzzling that the more complex and competitive our world becomes, the more simplistic and mundane our solutions are. There is an intrinsic beauty in complexity; in the process of deeply thinking about a problem and then exploring, evaluating, and testing the most appropriate solution to that problem.


There is beauty in a well-crafted thought, a deeply intense elaboration, and a sophisticated line of reasoning.

There is a beauty in caring for the apparently insignificant details that can’t be seen but can definitely be perceived. And there is beauty in the maniacal search for the most suited solution after a frustrating series of failures.


I must admit that I’m terrified by the inadequacy and thoughtlessness with which we approach complex problems nowadays. I always try to create work with deep social and cultural value, and I believe that this is what will set us apart from the crowd.


Obligation to Simplicity

One of the most fascinating paradoxes in design is that; the more complex and profound a concept is, the simpler we must express it. This is our duty as entrepreneurs and designers; Making something remarkable, accessible to many, and positively impacting their lives.

The ultimate sophistication is presenting a complex and meaningful product or service in the simplest way possible. If you fully embrace the beauty of complexity, the expression of simplicity will reveal itself almost naturally. The little things are the ones that create a great difference, be it the three clicks of an iPod, the distinctive sound of a guitar in a group of musicians, or the use of a particular spice from a famous chef.

The small details, the simpler ones, are the ones that hold great force.

Science and art, by their very nature, differ in that science can be learned in a systematic and logical way, whereas expertise in art has to be acquired by example, experience, and practice. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Obligation to simplicity is the foundation of respecting our client base. When our values are simple, clear and understandable; our clients will embrace our work as their own and that is what matters after all is said and done.

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